Entry from my high school journal

I woke, not the annoying sound of my alarm clock, but to the sound of birds chirping. I stretched under my thick quilt. Today is Saturday, I thought. What a relief. I climbed out of bed and clomped downstairs. I was happy that today was simply a normal Saturday with nothing unusual happening. I munched on my Cheerios wondering “What is normal?” I quickly gave up and thought of how familiar and comforting my Cheerios were. On my way back upstairs I ran into my mum.

“Good morning! What are you planning on doing today?”
“Maybe you should call up some of your friends.”
“I think I’ll go to the library.”

I walked into my room and shut the door. I thought about how I almost never called my friends anymore. My weeks are so hectic and I see my friends and other kids my age all day, that I just love being alone. Alone, but not lonely. Since today was Saturday, and the judging eyes of my peers were not on me, I didn’t shower and I slipped on some sweatpants I’d cut into shorts and a baggy grey T-shirt. I brushed my teeth vigorously, then I grabbed my bag along with the library cards, some books that needed to be returned, and my iPod. I turned up the music quite loud and I lost myself in it while walking the familiar route to the library. Once arrived, I returned the returns and then wandered over to the Teen section. This library was small and the Teen section consisted of only one rack. I sat cross-legged on the floor while I read the back cover of book after book after book.


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