What I did this summer

Isn’t it funny how when people ask “What did you do this summer?” you can’t think of something to say?

But that’s the problem. People think that it is important to “do” things, like travel or get a job or learn to sail or what have you.

Isn’t it more important to grow as a person though? To be at peace and ponder your meaning?

Isn’t it more important to learnt to appreciate the little things in life? Things that you don’t consider important enough to answer the “what did you do?” question.

Well this summer I read terrific books, I lay in the hammock, and baked gingersnaps cookies. I played tennis with my dad and cleaned my room with my mum. I sat on the garage roof eating cherries right our of the cherry tree. I learnt yoga and I babysat the kid next door. I feel more relaxed and rejuvenated for a new year. I feel ready to be a kinder and more thoughtful person.

And that’s what really matters, isn’t it?

–from my high school journal


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