Moving Away

For once in her life, she didn’t fully think it through. She thought too much anyway, living more in her mind than with the people she knew. And that was her exact problem: at every moment in her life, she wanted to be loved, but to be alone. Incompatible, impossible. But on this occasion she didn’t think it through; she clicked “accept” with nothing but a spontaneous urge to be daring and start living as the TV showed her. So she moved away on a fine August day, to a city she’d never been, but more importantly, where no one knew her. And her heart leapt with the thought that here she could be free of her past, her failures, and preconceived notion of herself. She could finally be herself and not have to be what everyone thought she was. It took her exactly 4 days,  hours, 12 minutes, and 4 seconds to realize… to realize that she was the exact same as before.


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