Family Secrets

From my journal, dated February 11, 2012 (age 17)

Did I tell you that Nona died? It was really sad, but she’d been “sick” a long time so it wasn’t really a shock. We went to the island for a weekend and had a memorial at Auntie Fiona’s house. A lot of people came. We sung “Land of the Silver Birch” and “Simple Gifts” which are both beautiful songs. Two of my favorites. And Auntie Jamie sung a BEAUTIFUL Welsh lullaby and it made me cry. People also took turns sharing memories, and it made me think of my memories Nona… which I found were amazingly few, and hard to remember. I couldn’t really believe it, I mean, Nona couldn’t have been “sick” for more than 2-2.5 years, and I still would have been decently old enough to remember stuff. And we went to the island often enough, usually 2-3 times a year. Maybe it’s because Nona and I were both quiet and never really talked. I don’t know.

What was also really interesting about the gathering at Auntie Fiona’s place was that all of my dad’s step-siblings were there and I learnt a lot about the history of the Bauer and Keenan families and how “the divorce” came to be and how it affected them as kids.

From what I understand, two families live down the street from one another. The kids hang out with each other, have crushes on one another, etc. and the moms are very close. The two marriages, especially the Bauer one, gets “rocky,” the Keenan family has a car crash, and then D and D get divorces, and marry each other, and all back in the 1960s. I mean the story has scandal written all over it, and I’m sure I haven’t even heard all the details.

I guess I never really realized how close my family is to the Keenans. I mean, the kids were practically siblings from the time my dad was 10.

I guess I learnt that no family is what it seems to be, and that no family is ordinary. I gained a new perspective for sure… The next thing to learn about now is my mom’s first marriage…


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