From my journal, dated April 5th 2012 (age 17)

So last Saturday my parents let me do something I didn’t think they’d let me do. They let me attend a co-ed, unsupervised, party / sleepover, in W__town, with people they don’t know. It was awesome. There were 13-ish of us, 8 guys and 5 girls (including Alice and I). So we hung out and it was great (I even tried some Bailey’s…yum!). And there’s this boy, Caleb, that Alice has been trying to set me up with for like forever. And I may or may not have been flirting with him and I don’t know if I just like him or like like him or want to like him because no boy’s ever been interested in me before. I should also mention the sleeping arrangements got messed up and I ended up sleeping in the attic with him… alone. Awkward. But don’t worry, there were two beds and we just went straight to sleep.

Anyways, since the party we’ve been texting most days. Not about anything interesting.. but still. Anyways I thought I should write this all down because it is a milestone in my life and I’m very nervous and excited and afraid. Not like anything very long-term could be started because he’s going to Dartmouth and I’m going to U of O… Wait! I didn’t tell you that I’m going to U of O. I am telling you it now, because it too is a Major Event in my life. Man, when at the start of this journal I said it would be a year full of changes, I wasn’t kidding. Will keep you posted. Going tomorrow with my family to go shopping in Portland and hopefully find a prom dress. (Do I need 2 if Caleb ask me to his prom?) But I’m getting ahead of myself. Who knows what tomorrow will bring…


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