From my journal, dated April 27th 2012 (age 17)

Did I tell you about the concert? Of course I didn’t, because I haven’t written in a while. For that, please forgive me. But about the concert. Last Saturday, my family and I went to see Coldplay. And it was SPECTACULAR. It might be partially because I have never been to a “real” concert before, but nevertheless it was amazing. At the beginning, I had no idea what to expect and I stood awkwardly, self-conscious. But soon, it’s hard to describe, but emotion took over me and the energy and noise and lights and the music – it’s like they were speaking directly to me, but simultaneously to 10,000 other people. As I’ve talked about earlier, it’s hard to remember a feeling, and I can’t remember what it felt like. However I remember thinking that I was completely happy, happier than I could remember. Sure I’ve been happy this year – laughing with friends, aceing my math test, at Sean’s party, for example, but it couldn’t compare to the absolute joy I felt that night. At the end of the concert my dad jokingly questioned whether or not he would ever regain his hearing, and I remember thinking I don’t even care if I’ve gone deaf. I would trade it all for that night. Now, of course, looking back, I was perhaps a little melodramatic, but still, if only you could have been there…

On another completely unrelated note: I think I may have found my dream. I didn’t learn about it until recently because it is a dream that was buried so deep inside me, because even my subconscious knew how unrealistic it is. So my dream, a dream so big I couldn’t even admit it to myself, is to become a writer. Probably novelist. I mean it make sense because I’ve always loved reading and always had fancy thoughts in my head, but I never thought I was creative enough. I still don’t think I am. I feel I would be okay at describing a scene or a character, but I know I would be absolutely hopeless at thinking of an interesting, complex, and engaging plot. Regardless, I have now vowed to start writing more, so hopefully I will make some more progress in filling the pages of this journal. The future glistens with possibilities…


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