From my journal, dated May 21st 2012 (age 17)

One rule I have regarding this journal is that I don’t reread what I’ve written. At all. I will someday, maybe when all the pages are full, but for now, although reading what I’ve written is so tempting, I feel that it allows me to write more honestly and openly without second-guessing myself.

Anyways, from what I remember about last my last entry, it was an anti-prom rant, am I right? Well, my prom was last night (and this morning, Yolo!) and I have to say I was wrong about the event. I had the most amazing time ever, and I want to write down every detail here, so I can remember it forever. Here it goes:

First of all, Auntie Phoebe came over to do my hair and makeup. I am so so grateful for that, because let’s face it I am cosmetically challenged, and she made me look amazing (if I do say so myself). At first I didn’t recognize myself in the mirror (but in a good way) and all evening I got so so many compliments on my makeup (and hair).

Auntie Phoebe also had the perfect necklace that she lent me. It was a necklace from Tiffany’s shaped like a bean. As she showed it to me she said: “I hear you have a nickname “Bean”‘. Oh it was perfect.

OK so I got changed into my tight short dark blue $15 dress (woot!) and we went with Stephanie to Elaine’s house for “pre-prom” which is an occasion basically for parents to ogle over how everyone looks and take a bajillion photos. I got to see everyone’s dresses and it’s funny how much they me mirror each girl’s personality.

Anyways, after photos we left in limos and I was in one with Alice, Stephanie, Sean, Jacob, and Matt. It was so cool to go in a limo for the first time ever (!) but the whole limo ride was kind of anti-climactic. We stopped by Stephanie’s place because, of course, she forgot her tickets.

At the venue, we saw joined all the other students. I was at the table with Alice, Stephanie, Sean, Nina, JP, Mitchell, Reagan, Kieran, and Alicia. The food was delicious. There was bread, then butternut squash soup, then Caesar salad, then chicken & mashed potatoes, and then, best of all, a dessert buffet. Oh my gosh, it was good.

You know, people have always said to me that no one dances at prom, but I sure did! The music was great and I danced barefoot like it was nobody’s business. People began leaving really early and we were some of the last to leave. “Don’t Stop Believin” was the last song and it was perfect.

Oh, I forgot to mention that Jake asked me to dance for the slow song. It was great, because Jake is just so cool. (Ok, I made the teensiest crush on him). But he held me pretty close and we just chatted while dancing to “What a Wonderful World”. A Great Moment.

My dad drove a bunch of us to Jake’s where people got changed and started drinking. Not in a hardcore party way, but more in a fun way if you know what I mean. I had enough to feel a little tipsy which is kind of fun because I never really am want to drink.

My dad drove 7 of us across the water to a nightclub where the after-prom was. It was dark and loud and I’m like: “so this is what a night club is like.” But I had a surprisingly good time (a short time though, since it ended 1 am). I danced with a mosh (noun?) of people even though my feet (in heels) were killing me. I only got grabbed once, haha. The DJ was a girl and pretty good. It was fun.

After another perfect little moment happened when I was sitting – in silence; it was too loud to talk – with some other students, resting. Aaron, one of the few organizers who I wouldn’t consider myself friends with, but we used to take woodshop together, came up and pulled me up by the hand. I went with it and holding hands and we danced right there in the lounge area – not even the dance floor – and he twirled me around once or twice. “Loosen up,” he said with a smile, then asked me if I was having a good time. The whole thing last only minute, but I couldn’t help thinking what is an effortless host Aaron was and how nice it was that he was trying to include everyone.

After afterprom, my dad (bless his soul!) drove us all the way to Kieran’s. There may be 30-ish people there in all, and we all sat around and hung out. I went in the hot tub awhile. I drink some and it was probably the tipsiest I have ever been. It was just so much fun hanging out with “the gang”. I felt really sorry for Kieran’s parents and brother though because they were home and also the ceiling in the basement broke randomly, but had something to do with people flushing toilets upstairs.

Stephanie, Callie, and I took a cab and we dropped Callie off and then Steph and I went to Lily’s Diner, open 24 hours 🙂 It was probably 5am-ish but I don’t really remember. The sun rose as Steph and I sat in the diner and talked nostalgically while sharing a plate of pancakes, then a salad. We talked about everything, so honestly. We talked about each person in our class and how they had or hadn’t changed since Grade 8. I couldn’t help tearing (like crying, not ripping something) a little – though the extreme lack of sleep was partly at fault – as I realized how much I truly love Sophie and how much I will miss her and how much I hope we will be able to stay long-distance friends, and how deeply glad I was that she chose to spend those last precious hours of such a special night, with me and no one else.

We walked home and I never wanted it to end – I can’t remember a time that I’ve wanted to freeze time more. But I guess all good things must come to an end, eh?


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