Pathetic Fallacy

Continued from my journal, dated June 22nd 2012

As I’m writing this, I’m looking outside and it looks hella gloomy. Rain is pitter-pattering on my window and the whole sky is one giant cloud. And it’s like 13 degrees Celsius. Did I mention that it’s June 22nd? And that it’s been like this for weeks?

Now I know what you were thinking, because I’m thinking the exact same thing myself: Why am I writing about the weather?

Because everyone’s talking about it and it’s just so darn depressing. This is summer! This is freedom! Let’s go to the beach, oh wait, we don’t want to die of hypothermia.

In school we learned a lot of “literary devices.” One of them is called “pathetic fallacy” and it’s when the mood or action of the story matches the weather (or, really, it’s vice versa). Anyways, I’ve always wondered why they call it “pathetic.” Personally, I think it’s quite an ingenious literary device that can be used quite effectively to make the reader feel a particular emotion or to build up suspense or what have you. And why is the weather considered a “pathetic” conversation topic? I mean if you’re at a party and you bring up the weather, people give you that kind of “that’s-a-really-boring-and-overused-conversation-topic-and-we’d-rather-talk about-something-just-as-superficial-but more-exciting-like-our-bathroom-renos-and-Brangelina” look.

I honestly have no idea where I’m going with this rant; I think I’m just bitter and bored, due to the weather. In the story of our lives, does God use pathetic fallacy?


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