Knee surgery

From my journal dated July 11th 2012 (age 18)

All I want to do at the moment is run. Run as fast as I can until my lungs gasp for air and my legs feel like Jello. It’s been too long since my body felt that way.

Two days ago, I had knee surgery. My knee had been bothering me since November 2010 and I was so eager to play sports again.

But now I just feel embarrassed and regretful because they cut open my knee and didn’t find anything wrong with it. They couldn’t find even the smallest tear in my meniscus, which is what they thought the problem was.

So I had surgery for no reason and there’s still something wrong with my knee. It’s painful, literally and emotionally, and so frustrating.

And I’m now worried that the surgery will have wonked up the rest of my muscles in my leg, which will cause other things like my back to be disaligned, and, in general, just cause me problems.

That’s all I really have to say about my knee at the moment. All I can do now is hobble around on crutches and pray that I will be healed one day.


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