Summer update

From my journal dated July 23rd 2012 (age 18)

So I just thought I’d check in here, even though I don’t have much to report at the moment. It’s been exactly 2 weeks since my knee surgery now and I’ve pretty much completely recovered. The past 2 weeks have been blissfully free and lazy. I’ve read quite a bit, watched quite a bit of Gilmore Girls with my mom, obsessively checked my new university’s Facebook pages, and begun using a stationary bike we set up on the deck.

My friends (aka Alice and Steph) have been working a ton so I haven’t been able to see them much.

Oh, and today I got my English 12 exam mark: 88%… Decent but I’m secretly a little disappointed (hearing about Stephanie’s 99% doesn’t help). I mean, I like English and writing, so it’s kind of sad to find out that I’m not too good at it.

And speaking of writing, I was awarded another scholarship for $5,000! The catch is that I now to have to follow through with my project proposal which was to write a blog this coming school year, in French. No pressure or anything…

And I still have another four whole weeks of NOTHING before the epic road trip to my new life.

But, for now, this is my life and my mom’s calling me for dinner. Catch you later!


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