Ready to jump

From my journal, dated August 21 2012

Where in the world did the time go?

I leave tomorrow.

What have I been up to these past weeks? Many have asked and what is the answer…

Well, I went to the gym frequently and I tried to keep up with my physio exercises. I went to the cabin with my parents on the long weekend. I did house sitting in cat sitting. I went to the States with my mom for three days. I helped (a bit) organize and canvas for the upcoming charity ride. I did some babysitting. And I read.

And the past two days I’ve spent packing. I have a lot of stuff. Even now that I’ve packed most of what I’m bringing, my room looks no less empty.

I am so afraid, and so excited at the same time. Nervous about who I’ll meet and about the first impressions I’ll make. Dear God, I hope I make some friends. I’m really worried about that.

But I’m so excited too, for the cross-country road trip with my parents and starting my new life with increased independence.

I have so many emotions going through me right now. I love my room, my house, and my hometown so much and I’m sad to be leaving them. At least I know that I’ll be returning next summer.

But for now let us look east, and jump with our bundled courage and belongings, into the great unknown…


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