Almost there

From my journal, dated August 31st 2012

We’re almost there! We’ve been on the road for 10 days now and we’re currently about 2 hours from O-town.

Big news is that today I caught a frog! We were packing up our campsite and there was a plum-sized brown frog (or toad?). And without thinking I picked it up! It felt so cool.

Anyways, so we’re almost there and I’m so excited and nervous. When I think about it I can feel this lump of nervous excitement in my stomach. We’re going to be staying in a hotel tonight and I move in tomorrow. Ahhh!

I really want to make a good first impression and make some friends. And what if I don’t like the people on my floor?

This evening we’re going to have dinner at Mom and Dad’s high school friend’s house. Hopefully we can get some insider U of O information & tips.

Anyways, I just have like a thousand emotions going through me at once. This is like the biggest thing that has happened in my life (so far). My new life will soon begin… they say change is scary, but change is good?


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