My first week at university

From my journal, dated September 9th 2012

I meant to write here for days now, but somehow I never get around to it. Anyways, I’ve now been living in my rez for OVER A WEEK. It’s crazy to think I’ll be living here for 8 months. My room is comfy. I like it a lot, and I’m so glad I have a single room. The other day I put pictures of my hometown up on my wall in a sort of collage and I love it.

The freedom is intoxicating, really. Verging on too much. It’s just crazy that I can decide to do and eat whatever I want, whenever. Hell, I could even bike across the river and buy some beer. If my bike wasn’t broken.

I’m growing to like my floormates. They’re crazy people, at least the ones that hang out in the common room. I’m hoping to get to know the quieter ones a bit better too, since I think they might be more friend material.

I have made one real friend, which I’m happy about. Her name is Charlotte and she’s in the room next to mine. We get along well and I feel like I can speak my mind with her (I’m still intimidated but most other floormates). But, then again, she is no Stephanie. Maybe she’ll become one once we get to know each other better (it has, after all, only been one week).

I’m also hoping that I’ll make friends in my classes, once they really get going. There’s a girl was in both my poli sci class and my English discussion group, and she’s in the same program as me.

Living here still seems unreal for me. Like a dream or little kid boarding school fantasy. I first full week of classes starts tomorrow. Maybe reality will sink in then… I’m wide awake and dreaming.


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