Positive Starts

From my journal, dated September 30, 2012

So a ton has happened since I last wrote. I had a pretty awesome – and surprisingly full – week. It’s like before I was just waiting for it all to start, and last week it finally began starting.

I joined the French Club and went to a pizza social and practiced my French while meeting people. And I made 2 friends! I also went to a meetup with one of them last night (we went bowling).

I went to an event called “Community Kitchen” where a group of whoever shows up gets a bunch of donated local food and we cook a vegan meal together (and eat it of course). It was delicious and I was introduced into the enviro community here.

Speaking of the enviro community, I found a group to be a part of, a group trying to get the university to divest (take its investments out of) from some specific bad companies. So I went to an open meeting of theirs and after we all went and got food together. Some nice people.

And on Thursday, my day off, I organized an outing to Parliament.. Five of us ended up going together, three strangers (other 1st-year students), Iris and I. It was just so cool to be sitting in the House of Commons and seeing “real” politics in action. (Though it’s a wonder our government gets anything done).

Thursday I also went to an enviro panel which was super interesting. It was nice to know that others care about the environment and that some people are working hard to make the campus more sustainable. And then they served hors d’oeuvres and since there weren’t many people there, there were a lot and I ate a lot. What’s funny is that they were also serving wine (for free!) and they gave me a glass without asking my age!

On the alcohol front, I’ve not had any personal progress (if you can call it that). Friday night I had the first of my 6 beers that have been sitting my fridge since I bought them on my first weekend here. It tasted horrible but it gave a nice light-headed feeling, for a bit at least. To be honest, I kind of want to be more adventurous and try drinking more, but the opportunity hasn’t arisen. That, or I’m just not trying.

School work is slowly starting to get more stressful. My poli-sci paper is my main point of stress at the moment. It’s just so difficult to come up with a good topic! But I’m going to go talk to a TA this week who will, fingers crossed, help me out. Time is running out…

Today I have not left the building. And I don’t plan to. It’s rainy and miserable outside and I have nothing to do anyways but stay here and study. But I’m having trouble staying on task because it’s just so boring and endless!!

I have to go back to work; wish me luck!


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