Something I’m good at

From my journal, dated November 16th 2012

Now, you might be wondering why, since I’m at university, I haven’t been talking about schoolwork. I haven’t been, because it hasn’t been an issue. Normally I write entries when emotions are running high or when something unusual happened. I haven’t been talking about school, since, so far, fingers crossed, I’m aceing it.

I’ve always been good at doing well in school (whether or not this translates to real intelligence is debatable) and since I lack extracurriculars (and friends) I haven’t had much else to do. So I’m not too surprised that I’m doing well… what I didn’t expect was to get the best mark in my class on my first English essay – a 91%!!!

That made my day, and I actually yelled “YES!!!” in the hallway after getting my mark (stares from strangers ensued).

Anyways, it’s hard to tell, but I think I’m doing well in all my courses. Of course, a lot can change, since they are still final papers to be handed in and final exams to be written…

Wish me luck!


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