Christmas in Vienna and thoughts about “home”

From my journal, dated December 26th 2012

Sorry I didn’t write earlier. The past few days have been awesome, and, yet, quite typical, in my family’s way.

So I made it to Vienna and my family and I spent the days leading up to Christmas and Christmas there. I loved walking around the lit-up streets and perusing the Christmas markets. The Kunsthistorischesmuseum and the Nutcracker ballet on Christmas day were highlights as well.

I’ve been thinking a lot about “home” these past few days and what it means. Though I love my hometown, I realized that my family was by far what I missed most about my time away at university. I was surprised at how easily I clicked back into the family and how normal it all seemed – as if we never really been split up. And I also realized that the feeling of home can’t completely be filled without a place – an anchor. In the apartment in Vienna, even with my family, I got once or twice that horrible homesick-like feeling of “this-isn’t-where-I-belong”. Though I love my family to pieces, I need to find another anchor, because I know that they won’t always be there.

We’ve just arrived in Barcelona (what a great surprise) and I’m excited to spend time exploring with my family. For a brief second though my thoughts drifted to my leaving at the end of the holiday and I was wracked in despair. More about my thoughts on leaving later, but for now we’ve just arrived, and it’s time for bed.


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