A friendship & a proposal

From my journal, dated January 25th 2013

Ok, so I’m writing this entry right after the previous one. I meant to talk about something else completely, but first I had to catch you up on the rest of my life and I thought that I should separate the posts.

So, I don’t think I mentioned Nate before – have I even mentioned our enviro group before? The group is working on our university’s divestment campaign and I’ll talk about it some other time. But basically, I met Nate through the campaign and, this isn’t going where you think it’s going.

Nate is a really cool guy, though a little eccentric. He’s the kind of guy that until you find out he has a partner (aka girlfriend) you think might be gay. He’s tall and is studying Electrical Engineering. He’s also one of the most conscientious and kindest persons I’ve ever met. It’s like he eats anti-oppression training for breakfast. Aka he’s very NOT racist, ableist, sexist, capitalistic, homophobic, etc. Which makes a very kind and accepting person. One thing about him is that he rambles a lot, or more accurately, just goes into great detail about everything, which I find fine, since, as you know I’m not much of a talker, so I’m fine with him doing all the talking.

Anyways, I’ve been getting to know Nate pretty well in the past months – at least better than anyone else here in O-town. And in the past few weeks he’s been pestering me to get coffee with him. I was quite apprehensive since I was convinced he was going to ask me to “bottom line” another working group for the campaign (I’m now the bottomliner aka leader of the Outreach branch btw). Anyways, I was quite surprised then, when he asked me if I would consider being his roommate next year!!!

Wow, was I surprised and happy and really quick touched that someone likes me enough to want to live with me (and be like the first person on their list to ask). I said that I was definitely interested, though I’m going to need a place until September (aka I’m going home for the summer).

But I’m glad he asked, because my housing situation for next year has been something I’ve started to wonder/worry about. I hadn’t really made any close enough friends who would want to live with me, and so my plan was to just show up in Sept. with my mom and look with her help for a single place.

This whole thing makes me feel a little less unloved and a little less unlovable. And I think I can officially say now, that I made a friend. 🙂


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