Reading week

From my journal, dated March 1st 2013

Reading week came and went, and I just finished my first week back. Reading week was fun, pretty chill, and I didn’t do a whole lot. But, I’ll try to recount the things I did do, so that I don’t look back on the week and see it as a black hole of time suck.

Saturday: I borrowed skates from Sarah and went skating alone. It was nice though my knees are bruised up after my 2 falls.

Sunday: I went to church. There’s a church service that takes place in the auditorium on campus and I decided to check it out. It was nice and everyone was really welcoming; it didn’t give me much of the cult-like feelings I sometimes get when attending services. I especially liked the singing. I’m not sure if I’ll go back… I normally go to the gym Sunday mornings. Plus, the people might think I’m crazy since I darted out of the last service and disappeared, in order to avoid chitchat.

Monday: “Family Day” Holiday. I met a woman involved in Girl Guides (as a leader) for tea which was nice, though a bit awkward. It was nice to talk Guiding with someone (finally) and to hear some local Guiding news.

Tuesday: Parliament internship interview!!! The interview was with one other girl and another who Skyped in. We were all from the same part of the country. Our answers to all the questions are pretty similar, though I think the other girls might have been more eloquent than me. I have a long wait ahead until I hear any news from the recruiters (they have to do security and reference checks).

Wednesday: I went for a long walk around town. The weather wasn’t the best for exploring, but it was still nice. I spent some time in a bookstore, and also stopped by a Zellers closing-out sale, and bought a bra for $8. In the evening I went on a 30 minute bus ride to a mall out West to take part in a Guiding campfire sing-along event (that the Guider I met on Monday invited me to). It was nice – I knew around 60% of the songs. Had a Dairy Queen Blizzard for dinner.

Thursday: Went to the gym and then volunteering as per usual.

Friday: I got my ear (singular) pierced! It’s an upper ear piercing, sometimes called a helix or cartilage piercing. I love it and had been thinking about getting it done for a couple of weeks. It did hurt a bit, but it wasn’t too bad. My parents were surprised.

Saturday: Can’t remember what I did.

Sunday: Gym and late afternoon I had tea with Nate, the future roommate. I love talking to Nate; he’s probably one of the only people, besides my parents and Stephanie, who I feel like I can talk to about anything with, and really be myself. We ended the evening with a grocery shopping trip together.

So that was my week. I did do some schoolwork, but I also spend a significant chunk of time watching Supernatural episodes with Jeff (who didn’t seem to leave the common room the whole week). Anyways, so that was a reading week; pretty anticlimactic, if you don’t count the piercing.

This week goes back to work: I had a midterm Monday + Wednesday and both went well. Tuesday I went to hear it David Suzuki and economist Jeff Rubin speak with Iris and her roommate Christine. That was pretty cool.

It’s Friday afternoon and I finally have a chance to breathe. It’s the first day of March – the last full month of classes. I don’t know how I feel about that.


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