My reasons for getting a piercing

From my journal, dated March 1st 2013

This entry shall henceforth be titled “My reasons for getting a piercing.”

Part of the reason, I guess, was that I wanted a change and wanted to do something a bit rebellious (which is what I said to my mom). I had been admiring helix piercings for a while and, yeah, I wanted to do something a bit bold. My parents were pretty chill about it, but they weren’t super enthusiastic either. They know I could have “rebelled” in worse ways.

Another, perhaps larger reason for my piercing, is that I wanted, in some ways for my body to reflect my changed self. These past months in O-town have changed me, and I wanted something to mark my first year of independence; something to make me remember both the freedom and growth, as well as the pain and loneliness I have undergone.

Most of all, I just love the look of my piercing; it’s small and not too drastic, yet it gives my appearance a unique factor and a bit of a bite. Matching my outsides to my insides.


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