College dorm

From my journal, dated March 24th 2013

A spoken word poem that I was, am, and will be forever too afraid to perform:

College dorm

I watch the world through a peephole

One eye closed I watch reality warping

Until I feel like I’m in a fishbowl

Some say eavesdropping — I call it listening

It’s the only way I learnt how to join in

These walls are paper thin.

This wasn’t our first choice – apartment-style was

But they put us in conventional rez,

Like it would better suit us;

But we are anything but conventional.

Or quiet or clean.

We can make it sound like the movies that we’ve seen:

The fire alarms and the holes in the wall

Yet we know that we are so much more than the sum of those things

that we only did to down our first shot of freedom.

And in all reality, it wasn’t that real; so much was hidden

Maybe that peephole warped things or maybe it bent them true

If only we knew.



One thought on “College dorm

  1. This is super good! 👍🏽😊 You should deff perform it one day, in front of a few friends or even at a spoken word competition or something. I’ve never done that though. I’ve only read my poems aloud in my room by myself or I read a few at family camp for church.


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