From my journal, dated April 27th 2013

I’m done. Exams and first year university. It’s whack and hasn’t sunk in yet.

I think my exams went well, except for my last one (intro to International Relations) that I struggled with. I finished it, went back to rez and lay down naked on top of my stuff for a while. My brain was scrambled and it was such a relief knowing that I wouldn’t have to study or think about school for a long time now. Yesss.

In the past few days, everyone’s been moving out. At first I was kind of indifferent, but the other day it really sunk in that it’s over. Life in rez for me is done, and these people, most of whom I didn’t get to know super well, I’ll still miss. I didn’t really connect with any of them that well, but they were constants here and good people. Interesting personalities. Now I know this will mean nothing to you, but here the name two that I remember them: […]

I almost regret not trying harder to get to know some of them. It’s hard to think that it will never be like it was anymore. All the times hanging out in the common room…

Well I have to go pack now. A new leg of my journey is about to begin. Will write again soon. Xo xo


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