From my journal, dated May 1st 2013

I’m on a bus to K-town to visit Alice. Yesterday was a packing day and it was exhausting, stressful, and overwhelming. It’s hard doing it all alone, being completely responsible for yourself, and not having anyone, like family, to lean on. I was an emotional wreck by the end, but I got it all done and this morning successfully made it to the Greyhound station on time.

This year I felt very uprooted, and no longer having my own safe dorm room set up with all my stuff made and makes me feel even more so.

But when I try to, I can still garner strength for my old roots, like my parents, and Stephanie, and even the environmental/activist community. And if I try I can even see what I hope will be new roots taking hold. Nate and the student union gang, other French students, my volunteer position, as well as family friends in town like Deborah + John, and Lawrence. Let’s hope I’m just a late bloomer.

Now like I said I’m on my way to see Alice. I’m excited and nervous. We didn’t keep in very close contact this year and in addition to the fact that we were always very different people, I’m afraid this will be terribly awkward and that we’ll have nothing to talk about. But we’re old friends and though our relationship may change, I think it’ll be OK and I’m OK with it. I feel as though I’m about to learn a valuable lesson about friendship.


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