On being capable & confident

From my journal, dated May 12th 2013

Sorry for the shaky writing; I’m on a bus, on my way to C-town, Quebec. More on that later, but first I’ve got to fill you in on what I’ve been up to since my last entry.

Visiting Alice in K-Town was awesome and I’m so glad I did it. I was surprised by how familiar our interactions were, and it wasn’t too awkward at all. She’s the same old Alice, and that’s not a bad thing at all. She showed be around the town, which I found to be surprisingly nice and I helped her clean, paint, and set up her new room in her newly rented house.

We walked along the lake, ate Blizzards in the sun, drank wine and her room, bought a lottery ticket together, ate Mr. Noodle in plastic cups, and played Taboo late into the night.

We took the bus back to O-town together, where I stayed with Deborah + John. I had a pretty relaxing, chill week and enjoyed having no plans and the sunny weather. It was nice and comfortable staying in a real “family” home again, complete with delicious home-cooked meals.

Then I went off to Montreal with Nate. I was really glad to be traveling with him, especially since he was so good at being calm, controlled, and optimistic when we kept on getting lost in the city, and when I was practically having an emotional breakdown. Yeah, so the first evening in Montreal wasn’t the best. My billeter was really nice though, even though his place was very eclectic / hippie / alternative / indie / grunge / whatever you call snakes, skulls, fur coats, altars, and no bedroom doors.

The conference/training was awesome but I might talk about that more later. And now I’m on a bus to C-town where I’ll be spending 5 weeks living in a host family and learning French.

In all, over the past two weeks, I’ve learned how stressful traveling is (especially alone), but also how capable I am. I’m capable of figuring things out, and doing it all. I also feel more comfortable meeting people and living with them. I feel very open to new experiences and I feel like I’ve been improving my social skills.

And therefore unlike most of the kids on this bus (I think), I’m not really nervous to about meeting + living with a host family. I’ve done it before, and what’s more is that I’m really quite confident with my French skills. Wow, hello new-found confidence. I’ve always been quite independent, but I think that I’ve learned how to use that to live / thrive / survive in the world better (if that make sense). I’m only getting stronger.


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