From my journal, dated May 26, 2013

Translated from French

Hey! I’m writing in French today because I’m in C-town and I want to use French as much as possible. The more that I immerse myself in the French environment, the easier it will be to speak, think, and even dream in French. I really want to become perfectly bilingual.

So far, I’m loving this French program. My class is super fun and the activities are fun too. I like that everything is organised for us and we just have to show up and participate; it’s comfortable and relaxing, unlike this year at university.

My host family is super welcoming and nice too and they have three young children. It’s fun to live with them and, once again, I like that I don’t​ have to plan meals, etc

What I find interesting, is that I don’t miss my family much since arriving here, which is really different from my last weeks at school. Having activities to do helps, but I think what makes the most difference is simply living with others and for example eating meals with others, it’s just as simple as that. I was too alone at university.

So, I think that the three weeks (!) that are left will go by quickly. I’m excited to return to Vancouver (more on that later), but so far, I’m really happy to have chosen to do this program. Vive le français!


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