Memories from here

From my journal, dated June 8th 2013

Translated from French

One week. It’s hard to believe that I’m going to be in Vancouver, at home, in one week. It’s been 10 months since I was there and it’s weird to think about my old life. At the same time, I think that after few days it will feel completely ordinary, like I never left.

But I don’t want to concentrate on that yet, I want to talk more about my time here in C-town doing this French program. Normally when I travel, I keep a journal where I keep track of what I do each day. I didn’t do that with this trip, but there are still things which I want to remember:

  • Quebecois French: I love the accent here, learning the expressions and the slang, and simply being surrounded by the beautiful language
  • Playing soccer: for the first time in a long time (more than a year) I played soccer, 2 times a week, outside, for fun. Oh my God. It was so much fun, and my knee didn’t bother me at all!
  • Improv and other fun activities in class: I love my class here and my teacher is super nice. We spend most of our time discussing all sorts of pretty deep subjects and playing really fun games. I laugh each day and we learn about what interests us. It’s great.
  • Friends: I’m proud to say that I made two good friends here and a few other friends as well. My two close friends are Alexa and Justine. I don’t know if we’re going to stay in contact after the program, but I hope so, because they’re super awesome and we have a number of things and interest in common. It was nice to have friends with whom I could hang out during the weekends…
  • Other things: lying in the sun, watching the storm, riding my bike along the river (with the baby seat behind me), playing tag with the kids, eating soft serve ice cream, seeing a beluga, dancing, fishing, going on an ATV, playing hacky sack, shopping at the thrift store, among other things.

What interests me and astonishes me a little bit, is that during all this time the last month I didn’t really miss my home or my parents. But I remember how I felt during the last weeks of school, and during the year in general I felt so desperate to return home. What’s different? I think that it’s the fact that here I’m not alone I don’t have to plan and live my life alone. My schedule is full and planned (generally speaking) and what’s more I have people with whom I eat meals – my friends and classmates at lunch and my host family at dinner. I didn’t realize how often I ate alone this year. My host family could never replace my real family, but it was still really pleasant to live with them, especially with children, who make all situations less awkward and silent and with whom I can play.

So, I should really go to bed now. I don’t have any concrete plans for tomorrow (Sunday), but I have to plan my course schedule for September which is really complicated and takes a lot of time, write a poem in French that I have to present to my class next week, and start to research a summer job!

I’m trying not hard not to stress too much, because I really want to enjoy this last week here. I am so lucky to have these opportunities and wonderful experiences life experiences!

À bientôt


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