Summer job

From my journal, dated June 30th, 2013

I promised I’d tell you about jobs. During my last week in C-town, I sent in lots of resumes, and got 3 interviews for 3 very different summer jobs:

1) working in the kitchen at a restaurant near the beach (far away + evenings tho)

2) helping out at a marina, power-washing + painting (good pay + close to home, but boring + solo work)

3) working at an ESL international language summer camp

I took the third choice, once they said that I wouldn’t have to work 6-days a week + evenings (like they had previously said). Instead, I will be TEACHING in the mornings + helping with activities in the afternoons. I am so nervous + anxious about teaching a class by myself (who do they think I am?), but I think it will be fun and good experience. The job is only for 4 weeks though, so I don’t start for a while.


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