On turning 19

From my journal, dated July 1st, 2013, 11:04 p.m.

Last few hours of being 18.

I’m kind of scared to be 19. 19 is adult, no excuses. 19 is old. 19 is practically in the 20s, and people in their 20s actually have some parts of their lives figured out. 18 was a good age to be, though it did feel a little strange since sometimes you’re seen as an adult, and sometimes you’re seen as a child. And it kind of felt that way too; that you were stuck awkwardly between two worlds, where you felt too young for the adult one and too old for the child one. I liked being able to still feel and act like a child sometimes, retreating into naivety. 19 is no excuses. 19 is adult. I’m afraid.

I’ll tell you tomorrow if it feels any different.


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