My 19th birthday

From my journal, dated July 6th, 2013

Best. Birthday. Ever.

Not only did I get one surprise party for me, but 2. On my birthday I didn’t do too much; I mostly read in the sun. Then I had been told that we were going out for dinner with my grandparents for my birthday. And guess who shows up to my door instead? Madeline, Stephanie, and Alice. For me. We went out for dinner together on Main Street at a hipster vegetarian restaurant and it was fun and delicious. On the way home I bought my first bottle of legal wine and back at my house we drank it and ate cake with berries. It was so lovely. We also saw a raccoon.

So that was my first surprise. The second: I had been invited to a surprise party with the high school girls organized by Dani for Callie’s b-day (she has the same birthday as me). Little did I know the party was for me too. It was like inception, the double-surprise-party. The others had brought food and Rachel brought a delicious cake from her work. We drank cider with dinner and the with the cake, out came the tequila.

You can probably see where this is going… I got completely smashed. 3 shots + copious amounts of cider, and I had a blast.

As we were getting read to go out, my memory is starting to fail. I remember somehow ending up sitting on the floor and getting force-fed bread by Stephanie. Dani’s mom drove us to Broadway and she probably knew I was pretty drunk because I remember she said to me: “I think you should sit up front” and I remember smiling and saying “YES”.

I don’t remember the rest of the car ride. On Broadway, we didn’t go to the first place, because they wouldn’t let Stephanie in (she’s underrage [sic]). So we went to another bar and I just remember having a great time. I ordered a beer. Us girls talked with some guys at the neighbouring table. They were older (mid-twenties) and I remember that a number of them had mustaches and fedoras.

I guess near the end of the night, I ended up at the table alone with Stephanie and we talked a lot. (I have no idea about what). Today I was messaging Steph, and she said “remember the band and singing” and I wrote “you’re joking, please tell me you’re joking”. But then I remembered that sure enough, a band played and Stephanie and I belted out “Hey Jude”. I can’t even believe it. Apparently the drummer was grinning at us.

And then Stephanie and/or I decided we should go home. We were the first to leave and we took the bus to the subway, but arrived just as the subway was closing. So we walked from there and I remember having a real intellectual conversation with Stephanie about politics and our lives and Elizabeth May. Once again, I wish I remembered it; I would pay to hear those conversations again, I’m so curious as to what I said.

That’s it. I went to bed at 2:00 am (after having Cheerios) and woke up the next day at 8am, feeling pretty fine. Sophie credits it to the bread. I am actually surprised that I didn’t throw up or have a real hangover.

God, I had so much fun. Stephanie also made me remember that I swore A LOT and cried a bit about leaving my bike behind at Dani’s. I laugh just thinking about it.

My birthday this year really made realize that I do have some friends, friends who care enough about me to throw me a party. Those two evenings I really felt special, like I mattered. I’m really so thankful for them all, especially Stephanie who took so much care of me last night. I can’t imagine what I would have done without her.

God, I am so blessed, and I had such a kick-ass 19th birthday.


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