Working woman

From my journal, dated July 16, 2013

I am officially a working woman. And I’m officially exhausted. I really should try to go to sleep now, but first I want to record this day, because, boy oh boy, what a day. It was jam-packed, and full of highs and lows.

I woke up + got ready fast + put my bike on the bus + got to work early. I had time to call the hospital to book an appointment for Thursday w/ an internal medicine physician to discuss my constant thirst. Then, I picked up workbooks w/ curriculum and got a classlist.

I have a class of 17 students, from Korea, Japan, and Taiwan, and China, ages approx. 10-16. Today was my second day of work, but my first one really teaching. I was really nervous, but I think I did an OK job.

We made namecards, set goals, learnt vocab, read out loud, wrote a journal entry, and played hangman. It went well for the first day, and I was proud of myself.

On the walk to lunch, one of my students told me I was beautiful, and said that all the other students thought so too. That was really nice to hear (it was a girl who said it to me).

We had a delicious all-you-can-eat lunch, then went to the Science museum. Getting kids on + off buses was a bit of a nightmare. When we arrived we had to wait outside a LONG time in the blazing sun and it was NOT fun. I was not in a good mood.

Inside the Science museum was actually very cool though. I walked around and saw all the old classic exhibits, and then there was also an exhibit on sexuality which I went through by myself + found very interesting (none of the students went in). Then there was a science show w/ dry ice + liquid nitrogen and it was actually really cool.

Back on the buses. I was stressed a bit about our return time but it all worked out. Once back at the school, I took off on my bike and I rode fast.

Boy, do I love riding, especially when I’m listening to a good song and going fast. At the end of the long stretch I slowed for a second and a cute guy passed me and said “You’re fun to chase.”

Actually! And then we were going to same way so we chatted, can you believe it. He was working the summer soccer camp. I never asked his name. But it made me feel good, because when has a cute guy ever struck up a conversation with me.

I arrived at my grandparents’ and began overheating. I had made the trip in 20 min. I changed shirts, but then sweated through my clean one.

I had dinner with my grandparents, my aunt Marina and uncle Hugh, aunt Phoebe, and my brother. Did I mention that my parents are out of town on a hiking trip? Dinner was delicious and it was nice talking more like an adult in these kinds of situations, not only because I’m allowed to drink wine, but because I feel more willing + able to actually participate in the conversation of the adults.

I left at about 9pm, and not a minute too soon. It was getting dark, and I was crashing hard. I was so tired + emotional, I was almost in tears. Once again, I felt better on my bike, and once home, hurried to bed after watering my garden.

I really need to sleep now, it’s 10:30pm. Sorry for the messier-than-usual writing this time, but I was really hurrying. I’ll talk to you again soon. xoxo


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