On the road: History, Nature, and Fancy Hotels

From my journal, dated August 4th, 2013

One day down (almost). So far the trip has gone pretty well. No major mishaps. I’m on a bus with Dave (my boss) which is good because he usually takes the lead/knows what’s going on. It’s a little awkward sitting beside him, because we don’t have too much to talk about, but it’s ok.

We stopped at some waterfalls, then a town for lunch at a Japanese Restaurant. In the next town, we stopped for ice cream. Then it started pouring rain, and we stopped at “The Last Spike” — where the Trans-Canada Railway was finished. The kids didn’t really “get” the historical significance – plus it was pouring rain – but I thought it was pretty cool. Then a train went by and Dave and I smiled at each other through the pouring rain because it was perfect.

Dinner in the next town at a greasy Chinese restaurant. Then we arrived at the hotel, and it seems they may have skimped on dinner to splurge here. It is so nice. Probably the nicest hotel I’ve ever stayed in. Plus the two other adults I’m sharing a suite with just told me that I could have the room with the queen-size bed to myself. And my own bathroom, complete with double sinks, bath, and separate shower. I wish we could stay here the whole trip. It’s pretty awesome.

Enough ranting. Oh, except I have to rant a bit about the scenery. BC is so freakin’ beautiful, it blows my mind. Why would anyone ever leave (like go study back East)?!? Walking through the rainforest at the water falls was magical and the mountains here… I can’t even. I missed it all so so much.

I’ll try to get my fill before I have to leave this paradise.


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