New beginnings

From my journal dated August 31, 2013

I have arrived in O-town. The trip went well, smoothly. There were a few tears (mine, obviously) when I said goodbye to my parents, but otherwise I feel pretty good so far. It’s actually pretty exciting.

Tomorrow is the big day. You know, the day you move in, get set up. See your friends, and then come to the realization that nothing has changed, and that, despite your daydreams, this year won’t be any different. I know the shine + excitement will wear off soon, so I’m going to try to savour it.

I’m staying at Deborah + John’s tonight which is nice, but a little awkward. I’m the teeniest bit anxious because John doesn’t arrive until late tonight so I don’t yet know the plan and how things will go down tomorrow. (He’s going to help me move my stuff to my new place).

And I’m so excited to see my new place! I’m not sure yet if I’m going to paint my room yet – it’ll be a lot of work – so I’ll wait and see what it’s like. But I’m excited to unpack all my stuff that’s been in storage and set up a “home”.

Here’s to new beginnings. It’s once again time to be a big girl. Who knows what this year will bring.


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