So far, so good

From my journal, dated September 4th 2013

SO MUCH HAS HAPPENED since I last wrote. And the amazing thing is that so far I’m happy. I mean, you’ll have to check in with me again after a couple weeks to see if the stress and homesickness (hopefully not) will kick in.

But I ❤ my new place. It’s fantastic. It’s pretty large and has high ceilings. I have a bigger bedroom than at home. We have a living room and closets and everything and it’s really cool. And it’s hella close to campus; so close that I can sometimes pic up campus wifi from here and that it’s almost more convenient to walk than ride to class.

You know, last year people always asked me if I like living in rez and I would always respond with a (guarded) “yes”, stating the convenience and how much I loved my own space (my room). I didn’t know that it was just that – my “own” space – that I loved and that living off campus could be almost as convenient. So far, I’m liking it way better.

Today was my first day of classes and I had Spanish and (Macro)economics (in French). Both were good and got me excited! I can’t say that I’m looking forward to “Foundations of research in political science” which I have tomorrow, but right now, I’m happy.

AND I just came back from a Girl Guide leaders’ meeting for the unit I’m joining. It was 3 hours long. It’s amazing the amount of planning that does into leading a group. So much planning – it was a little overwhelming, like “What did I sign up for?” But I’m sure that once September rolls by and I get the hang of things, it’ll be lots of fun and total worth the time.

I still don’t have any real close friends here except Nate (an update about living with him to follow), but I’m good so far. And who know what or whom tomorrow will bring? It’s all only just begun.


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