Self improvement and life skills

From my journal, dated September 18, 2013

Things go on in a similar fashion. I still enjoy my apartment, my classes, and my extracurriculars. Even though I have few friends, things are so far looking better than last year and so far I’m a good amount of busy: not bored, but not too stressed.

This weekend I’m going to be going camping with my Girl Guide unit (did I mention I’m a Girl Guide leader now?). I’m also excited to start intramural volleyball tomorrow, as it was one of my favourite parts of last year. I’ve also just planned to buy tickets to a baseball game in November with some people I kind of know. I’ve always wanted to go to a game, and the tickets are so much cheaper here than at home.

I’ve also really been focusing on self-improvement and self-love. At university I’m learning all this great stuff and every day I am challenged. I’ve also become aware of all the other (life) skills I’ve been learning and developing like cooking, being a leader (at Girl Guides), and how to act in a variety of social situations.

I’ve also tried to really start listening to my body. I find that my moods and energy levels, as well as how my physical body (eg. stomach) feels, all change so often, and I’ve been trying to be responsive to that. For example, I find that I regularly have periods of exhaustion in the afternoons, when I allow myself to lie down and take a break. I guess it’s self-care I’m learning, and I try to prescribe solutions to make myself feel better, like going for a bike ride or listening to music. I think that learning to value oneself is a good life lesson. 🙂


Wow I hope I don’t seem too self-involved.


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