A week in perspective

From my journal, dated October 4, 2013

It’s been a long week, and an even longer time since I’ve last written. A lot has happened, but nothing too major. I think I’m managing a pretty good busyness to not-too-stressed ratio (if that makes sense). But the stress is coming, since next week is MIDTERMS, and I have a lot of work to do. I’m tired enough after this week with just one midterm, so I don’t know how I’ll deal with 3 + an oral presentation… I always manage to get through these types of situations though, so I know I will this time.

I don’t know what it was about this week that felt a little “off” or special. It had its ups + lows for sure and I just want to mention some of them.

Monday during the day became a bit stressful as I realized all the things I still had to do to get ready for the week and my Girl Guide meeting. The meeting was a real success though, and I was proud to have organized and let a station where the girls made a craft. It made me feel good about myself, and gave me confidence that I could lead and contribute as a leader.

Public Admin class on Tuesday was scary because it’s a class I take in French and the prof said: “Go mingle and form groups for the big project worth 40% of your mark.” Thankfully a pair of nice girls waved me over, and another joined us, and the they didn’t show any outward resentment towards me when they discovered I was an anglophone. So that left me relieved.

That evening I cranked out the books and studied for my Economics midterm the next day. And guess what? I think the exam went pretty well! I was positive of 27/34 of the answers, and I had educated guesses about the others.

The whole week we’d had lovely weather, but Wednesday was the pinnacle of it. The afternoon was so gorgeous and I went for a walk in shorts to enjoy the day and de-stress after my exam. I explored a new branch of the public library in an awesome old building, and then I treated myself to a delicious bubble tea. I then bought a bottle of wine at the liquor store and I didn’t even get carded! (and I’m only 19 1/4!)

The evening was ruined however by our Internet, its crappiness, and the crappiness of its provider. I called them + it’s a long story but they decided to send someone to come take a look at it Friday, which meant that I would have to stay home all afternoon waiting for them.

Thursday went pretty well, except when it didn’t, like when I spilled food twice at least. Or when my political science prof said that 30% of the material on the midterm next week would be content from the textbook that we hadn’t covered in class. You know, the textbook that I hadn’t been reading…

I went to volleyball in the evening, but apparently we weren’t playing that night and I hadn’t thought to check the schedule. So I returned home. And then realized that I’d forgotten my watch in the locker at the gym on campus. So I then returned to go get it.

And the whole week was leading to Friday, today, which is also Nate’s birthday. I stressed a little about what to get him, but I ended up making a card that I’m really proud of and offering to do his chores and go out for dinner sometime with me.

I spent a fair amount of money this week because I also bought bus tickets to go visit Alice in K-town for Thanksgiving (next weekend). We’ll talk about that when we get there.

Anyways, this morning I was also feeling crappy, which sucked, and had an upset stomach and my whole Spanish class totally noticed that I took an extra long bathroom break. Then that class ended late, meaning I was late for my next class….

But then there was a poster sale going on in the student union building and I found + bought an awesome one that reads “A woman without a man is like a fish without a bicycle.”

And then I had a lovely, uneventful, but pretty productive afternoon, waiting for the Internet guy to show. And he did show, around 5:30pm, which let Nate and I be free to go to the annual vigil for Missing and Murdered Indigenous women. It was pretty moving, powerful, and sad. It really made me think and put all my problems and privileges into perspective. Like, did I just complain earlier about spilling food? The vigil was pretty long and we went home and Kathryn came over so I retreated to my room to eat chocolate and watch Survivor. And write this.

Another thing that happened this week is that I discovered the joy of sleeping naked.


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