Midterms + Thanksgiving

From my journal dated October 18th 2013

Midterms are done. Well, I actually still have one midterm, but the stressful time of year known as “midterms” is done. I had 3 midterms 3 days in a row and I survived. And I feel like I did decently on them all. I studied, but I didn’t over-study. I got some previous marks back during that stretch – 100% on my economics midterm that had been the previous week and 87% on my Political Thought in-class essay – and I was once again reminded that I’m good at school. It gave me some more confidence going into my last exams.

Then, Thanksgiving and reading week. I went to K-Town for the long weekend to visit Alice. It was really great to see her again, and get away from O-town, but it was a little weird because we didn’t have anything particular planned to do, and Alice, who doesn’t have reading week, had to study.

On the Saturday we went to Walmart and I bought the cutest pair of slippers. On Sunday Alice went to a brunch with one of her profs so I had some free time, which was actually kind of nice. It was sunny and I walked around downtown K-Town which is actually very charming. I bought a coffee, popped into bookstores, and ran into an outdoor antiques/farmers’ market.

Sunday evening was awesome. We went over to Danny and Mitchell’s house for Thanksgiving dinner. They had a lot of people over – 21 in all – and cooked a 19-pound turkey. We played Frisbee before dinner. Dinner was a potluck and was absolutely delicious (especially compared to Alice’s meager student-living diet). It was a really nice atmosphere sitting at the long table full of people and covered in food. After we ate ourselves sick we sat around and played some games and then some songs, karaoke-style.

I’ve been back in O-town since Monday evening. Reading week so far has been happily productive, yet unstressful. I’ve cleaned out, organized, etc. and yesterday I went to the Legislature and later to the Art Gallery. I’m really sad that it’s almost over though. It means I should really start on some of that schoolwork. 😦


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