From my journal dated October 19th 2013

Today I went back to the start, as Coldplay says.

Well, first of all until about 11:30 p.m. I was having a pretty sad and lonely and boring Friday night. I was just that: sad, lonely, and bored. But then Stephanie Skyped me and we had a lovely talk. I haven’t talked to her life since she got back to Stanford. We talked about our lives, our courses, our campaigns, politics, pipelines, and intersectionality. Oh, how I really miss her. I’m so thankful, God, that regardless of my loneliness here, I’ve been blessed with one true good friend, practically soulmate.

And then I woke up this morning and went for a bike ride to G-park. I’ve done it once before almost exactly one year ago; in fact, I think I wrote about it here in this journal. Winding through the trees really revived me, the true me. I hadn’t realized how deficient my community + life has been of nature, and I realized that a lot of my happiest memories and moments where I felt the most like myself have been outdoors.

Then I came upon it. The cliff, a boulder beside the trail with something of a path leading up the side. It was where I’d stopped a year ago and sat overlooking it all. I climbed up and took a seat and was once again at peace, as cheesy as it sounds. My stresses and worries had no jurisdiction there. For once, I was alone, but not lonely. I spent some time reflecting on my life and specifically the past year. Then I picked up my bike, and headed home.


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