Medical firsts

From my journal, dated November 9th, 2013

There’s been so many things on my mind recently that I’ve been wanting to talk about here: politics, health, sexuality… but I never get around to doing it. The past few nights my mind has been racing around, and I’m exhausted from lack of sleep. But right now, let’s talk health, since that’s what was the main theme today.

Background info: I haven’t been getting a period. My last one was almost a year ago, last December, and the one before that was the previous June. I went to the doctor about it this summer at home and she tested my hormones twice, and found my estrogen a bit low twice. I had an ultrasound but nothing there. She recommended that I see a gynecologist when I get back to O-town. And my appointment was today.

I felt like I gained some life skills badges today such as talking to a doctor, discussing options with him, booking a follow-up appointment, picking up + paying for a prescription at the pharmacy, reading medication instructions, and taking a pregnancy test.

“WAIT WHAT?” I know you’re saying. Yeah you’re right I’m getting ahead of myself here. First I’ll tell you what the doc said. He thought that my not getting periods was due to a mix of factors including my active lifestyle and my moving away from home, which he thought might be a stressor. So I’m going on the pill which will help me have regular periods apparently. And before that he said that I should take a pregnancy test, not because he doesn’t believe me when I said I’ve never had sex, but just because that’s the right procedural things to do.

I wonder if he actually believed me.

Anyways, there I was at the pharmacy buying the pill and a pregnancy test, even though I’m a virgin. The pharmacists were really nice though, and didn’t seem to be judging me. They treated me really kindly, kind of like a daughter; I guess they could tell that I had no experience being at a pharmacy before.

Anyways, the pregnancy test came out negative (obviously) and I’ll start the pills tomorrow.

Mommy wow! I’m a big kid now.


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