Politics & Baseball

From my journal, dated November 29, 2013

It’s Friday afternoon and I am crashing so hard right now. This was my last full week of class and I had 2 late nights Wed and Thurs.

Wednesday was Model Parliament’s “Election Night”. It was at the student bar and wasn’t actually very eventful. I met some people from my party; when I joined it, I knew that it was obviously pretty conservative, but I guess I never thought that any of the members could possibly be “real-life” conservatives, but yes, there I was sitting with some card-carrying Conservatives and my friend Nate C. (not to be confused with my roommate Nate), who I thought to be an ally, turns out that he’s also a party member! And he works for the Sustainable Development Centre! Anyways, it was pretty fun and I also met another person from my hometown.

The bigger event was last night, Thursday; I went to my first ever baseball game. An acquaintance and fellow West Coaster, Carmen, had organised a group of people to go together. We met for an early dinner first which was great (and I had 1/2 a pitcher of beer!!). Carmen had an extra ticket she was trying to get rid of (well, sell) so I randomly texted another West Coaster I know through Model Parliament, Erica. I was amazed that Erica sad yes and came along with less than an hour’s notice!

So we bused to the stadium, which took a good 45min. The game was so great. We were sitting pretty high up, but still had a really good view. The atmosphere was awesome. Our group was split 60%/40% fans of the two teams, and I’d same the same about the stadium.Even though I’m not a super big sports fan, and I’ve become slightly less emotionally attached to my hometown team, it was still exciting and… we won!

As tired as I am today, I’m so glad I went. Go team go.


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