On our way / Home for Christmas

From my journal, dated December 17, 2013

I’m in one of my favorite places right now. I’m in the backseat of my family’s car. All comfy and surrounded by our stuff. Beside me, my brother; my parents talking quietly in the front seat. Darkness outside, and we’re driving.

Basically I’m in a safe little cocoon with all I need, separated from the world. Doing nothing but still going somewhere.

I flew in yesterday and it’s so nice to be reunited with my family again. Homecoming wasn’t as emotional this time as it was in June, because I hadn’t been away as long and also, I think, because I was happier this semester and was a bit more established living in my own place. I wasn’t really homesick much, if at all. And like I said, being away 3.5 months is quite different than 10.5 months.

I love this city though, I love my house, and I also love Christmastime. There’s just something about Christmas decorations – red and green and gold – that makes everything feel special. Last night we had dinner with my grandparents and it felt like Christmas, complete with a motherload of Christmas cookies.

And now it’s 6am and we’re on our way to the airport where we’re catching a flight to Hawaii. I’m already dreading the end of this vacation. God let me make the most of these next weeks.


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